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Welcome to the Website and Forum of The British and International Discus Keepers Association or just simply BIDKA – the home of The British Discus Show

This site is for discus enthusiasts everywhere. If you want to exchange ideas or information about discus and discus keeping, this site is for you. If you want have fun doing so then this site is definitely for you. All are welcome, whether you have discus, are about to get discus or just want to talk about them. You are welcome if you are new to the hobby or if you have years of experience and knowledge to share and if you are a professional breeder or re-seller of discus.

We are a growing community of enthusiasts dedicated to the care and husbandry of the genus Symphysodon. Previously known as the “Pompadour Fish” or the “Crested Cichlid” or “Blue Scalare” plus many others, now known simply as the Discus. If your interest is in the domestic breeds of discus or wild caught discus you are equally welcome here.

If your interest is breeding these fish, showing these fish or simply keeping them alive and well then this site is for you. In here you will find help and information about how to care for them, what to feed them and what to do when or if the become ill. You will find information about which other species make good tank mates even down to the best plants to put in with them.

Please come in, take a look around, and register on the forum. Its free, secure and only takes a moment. Then you can join in and help to build this growing community and spread the word about one of the most challenging yet rewarding fish to keep –The Discus.

In November 2008 we held the inaugural British Discus Show, this was followed up with the 2nd and 3rd British Discus Show held at Haydock Park Racecourse in November of 2009 and in April of 2011. The 4th British Discus Show was held at The Dome, Doncaster on the 23-24th March 2013.

Full details of past and future shows can be found on the dedicated British Discus Show website, and for the latest news, information and chat log on to our forum here BIDKA Forum.